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06 April 2018

Bad Surprises: Snow in April and Security Breaches


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20 March 2018

Infinite Group Inc. Offers Free Trials of Nodeware™ Cybersecurity Solution

All Organizations Can Now Try Nodeware Free for Two Weeks

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06 March 2018

What’s Causing Security Breaches and What Can Be Done

We are inundated daily with the latest problems in the world of cybersecurity. It’s getting to a point where people, companies, and even mainstream media are becoming numb to the latest breach or .

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14 February 2018

Enabling HSTS on Apache2: A Guide

HTTP Strict Transport Security for All: Why It Matters and How to Enable It

One of the most important steps in securing your websites and web applications is enabling Secure Socket Layer (SSL) .

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07 February 2018

Cyber Attacks Imminent in PyeongChang Olympic Games

With the opening ceremonies of the 2018 Winter Olympic Games just days away, hundreds of thousands of spectators and competitors are arriving in PyeongChang County, South Korea. The Olympic Games .

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19 January 2018

Zyklon malware and the role of credentialed vulnerability scanning

As many in the security world know, a piece of malware known as Zyklon made a resurgence this week using relatively new vulnerabilities in Microsoft Office. As is typically the case after new .

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